What Is Your September Surprise?

This is an EXCITING week…

My agent is going to New York City where he has interviews set up with 31 interested publishers for my book series,

“Don’t Mess With the Princess!”

I am creating the possibility that there is a “bidding war” for the rights to this 5 book series and we get to choose who we want to go with!

This amazing publishing house will agree to a 7 figure contract with a signing bonus of $250,000. And together we will transform the lives of millions!

I ask for this… or something better.

Wednesday is 9.9.09. In numerology the number 9 means transformation and completion.

I’ve already spoken to my children about what our lives (and their mom’s speaking schedule) will look like with this 7 figure book contract and they gave me their blessing!

So, I request that you help me manifest this 7 figure contract with your beautiful thoughts!

Thank you.

What is your “September Surprise”?

If you could ASK for anything; what would it be?

And more importantly, do you BELIEVE in the Universal
Law of ‘ask and you shall receive’?

Something to think about…

I’ll be sending my next Rx Success Report out this week
about this important topic.

I’d love to hear your thoughts… Write to me and share!

Happy Manifesting!


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.