The Power of Your Self-View

Dear Friend;

Today I launch my content-rich blog and daily posts!

I’m most excited about this because it fulfills who I really am:
“Global Ambassador of Love, Unity and Possibility”

So, who are you?

Oh, I don’t mean your job title, your name or your gender;
I mean who are you “designed to be”?

It’s an important question to ponder when you realize that
“You Will Never Rise Above the Image You Have Of Yourself!”

Your self-view is like a magnet attracting the exact people, ideas
and opportunities to you. So, a good way to discover what your
self-view is, is to look around your physical world. Whatever
you currently have in your life represents the current level of
your self-view.

Don’t let this conversation be a bummer!

Let it open your mind and heart to what’s TRUE; and that truth is:
Your “Self-View” works like a GPS guiding everything…. directing
everyone to either be attracted to you or to repel you.

In my next post I’ll continue the conversation (exactly how I train
and inspire my Coaching Clients) to teach you how to grow and cultivate
your self-view to attract abundance, fun, love and, most important…
Self-Expression (Expressing your TRUE self)!

For now, feel free to join in the conversation and answer the question,
“What is your current Self-View?”

Forever Creating;


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.


6 Responses

  1. Lisa, thank you for this timely post.

    I am a well established coach and I practiced law for 20 years before I got into coaching. Over the last few days, I have been having an emotional meltdown because I think I am ready to grow past the limitations I have placed on myself.

    In fact, I know it.

    I have been caught up in the labels that I give myself. I wanted a more “professionally correct” label to describe my services. So I have said that I am a money coach and business strategy consultant.

    Which is all true.

    But I mostly deal with energy and emotions. I work more with the mindset about money than the money.

    So I have been doing some self correction and it has been an awesome experience.

    The truth is in all areas of my life, I find myself bridging two worlds. In my profession, in my personal life and in so many ways.

    So integration is something that I do instinctively.

    I am finding new ways to incorporate this in my practice.

    Who do I say I am?

    I am the a whole brain strategy coach! Now, we know no one is googleing that. Yet.


    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Great post Lisa!
    One of the things I’ve become mindful of recently is that we are all created in the likeness and image of God – who is always ever expanding and creating.
    The universe continues to expand daily.
    We too have that same pull – that deep desire to continue to expand.
    I was reminded a few days ago that there is NO desire inside of us that is not already met – on some frequency.
    There is no “problem” that can come – without a solution already in existance.
    That also means that all that we desire in our heart are there to be fully expressed and that the means to that full expression also already exists!
    I believe you are so right – the only thing that stops the fullness of that expression is our own resistance wether it’s conscious or subconscious. If our self view is not in line with truth we may repel the very thing that we desire most.
    Thank you for helping us overcome some of the “misperceptions” we may have bought into about ourselves long ago – or recently that would stand in the way of us realizing the TRUTH of who we are and that we are WORTHY of all the love, success, order, abudnance and wholness that we desire.
    It is my belief that it is God who plants those desires in the first place because he longs to live and express HIS beauty and blessing – THROUGH us.
    “Deilght yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the Desires and secret petitions of your heart.” Ps. 37:4
    Love you!

  3. You have just written my favorite Bible verse! Thank you so much Steph. I have that verse posted everywhere, but mostly it is in my heart and mind. God is soooo good!


  4. Hi!
    To continue our conversations please go to:

    It’s my NEW blog!


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