Decide it! Then, Drive it!

Dear Friend;

In yesterday’s post we talked about the importance

of getting micro! I encouraged you to set ONE goal

in ONE specific that you will give focused, laser

attention to for the next 31 days and just see what

your results are…

Just imagine what your life will look like on the final

day of this month if you gave all you’ve got, if you

focused all your energy, intention, brain power, and

love to that ONE GOAL, in that ONE AREA of your


So, did you choose?

There is so much power in making that choice.

Most people miss the mark because of ambiguity.

They say they want something, but… maybe not.

They make a decision, but… waver on their belief.

They choose a specific goal, but… maybe there’s

a better one.

Ambiguity is result stealer.

Just decide already!

It would be like jumping into a taxi and when the

driver said where to, you gave him 5 destinations,

or you kept changing your mind on the destination,

or you just sat there and said nothing because

you couldn’t make a decision. What would that

taxi driver do? Well, he’d probably tell you to get

out. But, the point is he would not drive.

May this post be your inspiration to give yourself

permission to drive. Just begin. Just choose.

Just decide!

So, what is the ONE goal in the ONE area of

your life that you will give your focused attention

to; you’ll apply energy toward; you’ll set intention

toward; you’ll focus your brain power on; and

you’ll give your love, passion and heart to?

From that space…

What are you called to do today?

Whatever just came up for you, that’s the action

you need to fulfill on. Do it! Trust that inspired

action and complete on it today.

It is in that obedience to ACT, that momentum

lives and the next step will be revealed…

Decie it! Drive it! And this just may be the

best month of your year.

To Your Success,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

PS Check out the video we just posted about the

power of total immersion! Go to:


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