About Lisa Jimenez

Lisa Jimenez has helped thousands of people shatter their self-limiting beliefs and finally get the breakthrough success they were seeking. From her doctoral work in leadership at Florida Atlantic University, to her matchless experience building a business herself, to her home life as a mother of three teenagers, Lisa writes from real-world experience.

Her passion is inspiring people to manifest their Big Dream and to live a more outrageous faith-filled life. Through personal challenge, Lisa had to learn how to move through pain, reclaim her power, and get on with creating a fantastic life for herself and her three children. Her story will inspire you to do the same.

Lisa is the author of the best selling book, “Don’t Mess With the Princess!” This book is a powerful message of prosperity and abundance. It is your invitation to reclaim your power, dream bigger, and create a more rich and fulfilling life. For more information on the Princess Resources and Clothing Line go to: www.ILoveThePrincess.com

Lisa is also the author of “Conquer Fear!” and several audio albums on personal development. Her Rich Life Mastermind Retreats and Coaching Programs are life-changing experiences for entrepreneurs who want to build successful businesses and live a more faith-filled and outrageous life.

She resides in Southern California and South Florida, with her three children Auriana, Beau, and Connor.

Visit Lisa’s corporate website at www.Rx-Success.com


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  1. My intention for today is to bring my MK business to the front seat.

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