Defy the Predictable

Defy the Predictable!

Well, it’s official…

We are in Day 93 of the countdown of 2009.

Let’s take a different approach to these last 93 days of 2009…

During last week’s Quantum Leap Coaching Call, where I was training on, “being cause in the matter of your life”, I decided to mute myself for a few minutes to see the response and reactions of each of my high level coaching clients.

What do you think they did?

As soon as the line went “dead” I heard Anneli from Stockholm say, “Hello, I think we lost Lisa.” Then Annet from Holland said, “I’ll email her now.” Paul from Canada said, “I’m calling her cell.” Joe from the US said, “Is everyone else still on?”

Then, finally, after 3½ minutes of figuring out that everyone was indeed still on the call (except the MIA Lisa!) Karin from Sweden said, “So, how is everyone doing with the homework assignment?” And she began generating the conversation that involved everyone sharing their experience with the homework and even training from last week’s Coaching Call.

It was awesome!

It made me feel like a proud Professor watching her students step up, take charge and be the Global Leaders we create ourselves to be in our Quantum Leap Coaching Program.

What about you?

What would you have done? Would you have kept quiet until your “leader” came back on the call? Or would you have generated the conversation and continued the coaching call?

It was a great exercise of self-introspection…

Some of my clients who did not generate the conversation shared they did not want to “look bossy” or take over.

Do you ever shy away from your power because you care too much what others’ may think of you?

Some of my clients shared they were getting annoyed with me for “dropping the call”! Ha, I love that honesty.

Do you move into judgment when things aren’t going the way you think they should?

We know with our study of Quantum Physics and Universal Laws that everything is created in the mind first! So, let this Rx Success Report be your invitation to realize where your thoughts are around being powerful; where your beliefs are in being cause in the matter of creating your life.

You defy the predictable when you realize you have the power to recreate yourself right now in the present moment.

No matter how you’ve been your entire life, you can choose a new way of being right now that will give you power, freedom and full self-expression.

Our Florence Mastermind Retreat Participants get on a conference call every day at 11:11am ET to create who we are each being! Let me tell you, these calls are powerful. We are choosing who we want to be and then declaring it to each other on these calls every day.

Today, I created myself to be unreasonable, powerful and miraculous! Keith created himself to be “focus and power”. Tammy created, “Inspirational!” Joe’s intention is, “Clarity and Power!” Laura said, “I am creating myself to be Genius!”

Wow, it is such a powerful practice… to create who you are being every day.

So, in getting back to creating your final 93 Days of 2009, I invite you to begin with how you choose to “BE”.

And from that space… and in that context, I want you to create your goals and intentions for 2009 AND… create the foundation you need to come to 2010 as, “The Best Year of Your Life!”

I’m passing on to you the homework assignment I gave my Quantum Leap Coaching Clients and invite you to write down what you want in the following areas and who you are committed to being in the process of manifesting it and creating:

“2010 The Best Year of My Life!”
Be unreasonable with yourself… Be open to creating breakthrough results in these areas… Come from the context, “Anything Is Possible” and watch God bless you with miracles beyond your wildest dreams.

When you are willing to be bold, outrageous and ridiculous with yourself, you will be rewarded with bold ideas, outrageous opportunities and ridiculous fun, love and abundance.

If you are interested in being a part of Quantum Leap Coaching and getting the training and accountability you need to create a success mind-set, make more profits and create your ideal life, register today at: Or call me directly at (954) 829-5693. Looking forward to hearing from you!

…93 Days to “The Best Year of Your Life!”

To you success,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

PS Share your vision with me and our Blog Community!


What Is Your September Surprise?

This is an EXCITING week…

My agent is going to New York City where he has interviews set up with 31 interested publishers for my book series,

“Don’t Mess With the Princess!”

I am creating the possibility that there is a “bidding war” for the rights to this 5 book series and we get to choose who we want to go with!

This amazing publishing house will agree to a 7 figure contract with a signing bonus of $250,000. And together we will transform the lives of millions!

I ask for this… or something better.

Wednesday is 9.9.09. In numerology the number 9 means transformation and completion.

I’ve already spoken to my children about what our lives (and their mom’s speaking schedule) will look like with this 7 figure book contract and they gave me their blessing!

So, I request that you help me manifest this 7 figure contract with your beautiful thoughts!

Thank you.

What is your “September Surprise”?

If you could ASK for anything; what would it be?

And more importantly, do you BELIEVE in the Universal
Law of ‘ask and you shall receive’?

Something to think about…

I’ll be sending my next Rx Success Report out this week
about this important topic.

I’d love to hear your thoughts… Write to me and share!

Happy Manifesting!


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Are You A Global Leader?

Are you “Global Leadership”?

The presentation was powerful. My message was inspiring and people were transformed. Or so I thought…

I gave my “Conquer Fear!” message to a large audience a few weeks ago where my friend Art Jonak was also one of the speakers. Art attended one of my first speeches over 15 years ago. I’ve watched him build a multi-million dollar company and create a profound impact at a global level. This guy’s passport has more countries in it than you and I’ve got combined!

He is Global Leadership. It shows in his life, behavior, words, and mostly… his results! So, when he asked me if I was open to some coaching about my presentation, I eagerly said, “Of course!”

First, you gotta get that I know I’m good. I’m present to the power I have to transform an audience and cause a radical shift in their relationship to success. So when Art began to share his thoughts with me, I anticipated a list of accolades! (Ha!)

Now, before I tell you what he shared with me. I want you to notice the first “error” I made. Did you notice it?

A Global Leader, committed to excellence, NEVER thinks their last speech was their BEST one! A Global Leader is always stretching, growing and reaching for the next level of excellence. They know their “best one” is in the future.

I really got this from a conversation I had with my daughter’s boyfriend Zak. Every summer since Zak was old enough to hold a paint brush, he painted daily with his grandfather (who is a famous artist). And at the end of each summer, after looking at, admiring and critiquing each painting, they would gather all the paintings together and… burn them!

And as Zak watched his work disappear into a flame of a memory, his grandfather would say, “The minute you think you are really good, you‘ll stop getting better.”

The best speech you’ll ever give is your next one. The best presentation you ever give will be tomorrow’s. The best distributor you recruit will be in your future.

Global Leaders never rest on their successes. They are constantly open to learn, improve and perfect themselves.

Now, back to the dinner conversation with Art and his critique of my presentation… The first thing Art said was, “Lisa, to reach the highest level of contribution in your leadership, you just can’t curse on the platform.”

I couldn’t recall the curse word he was referring to. Art must have gotten that I didn’t know what he was talking about because he finally broke the silence by saying, “You said shit.” To which I responded, “What the hell’s wrong with the word shit!”

Ha! Ha! I laugh now as I realize the filters I have around being self-expressed, funny and having impact.

I use the word shit to cause a charge in the listening of my audience. I use it to be funny and create a connection. I use it because it is part of my self-expression and I say it off the platform.

Now, what I want you to really get in this conversation is there is nothing wrong with my desire and intention of using that word. However…

If who I am is “Global Leadership” and my core desire is to touch, move and inspire others to Global Leadership; then the person in the audience who is trying to “clean up” his or her word choice and hears me (the Global Leader) say shit, may have just lowered their integrity level around curse words.

The thought may be, “Oh, if Lisa, the Global Leader says shit then I can say “_____”.

It’s the same with other behaviors. Having a glass of wine with dinner and another one or two after the meal may be perfectly acceptable for you. However, in being “Global Leadership,” you may consider the example drinking shouts to the person who is trying to clean up his/her life.

This drinking one is a tough one for me. At my Mastermind Retreats I have always incorporated wine tasting and champagne toasting. And now that who I am is “Global Leadership” I have more sensitivity around the issue. If I am to have integrity around being “Global Leadership” I now look at other ways of celebrating and toasting in our limos. I’m looking at including water tasting (yes, Florence is known for producing 7 different types of water!) olive oil tasting, cheese tasting within the tasting of wines and champagnes.

The other vulnerable conversation I’m having with myself is around dating. I’m noticing the men I date are loving, fun, generous and wonderful to me; they also lack the capacity for a healthy relationship. They are either too busy with building their own business to contribute to mine or they don’t have leadership over themselves (nor their own sense of purpose) and can not contribute to my life at the same level as I contribute to them. Now, you need to hear this…

I was the cause in all of this!

The reason I was not attracting men who had the capacity for a healthy relationship was because I didn’t have the capacity to create a healthy relationship!

My lack of clarity of what I wanted and (get this) my unwillingness to share my success, my travels, my wonderful children, my amazing life, my money, my body, my mind, my SELF… was limiting who I was capable of attracting!

Do you hear what I’m really saying here?

It’s the same for you and your ability to attract quality prospects. Look at the people you are prospecting and recruiting and hold up a mirror to see it reflecting right back at you!

If your prospect is stating a lack of belief in the product or the opportunity; there’s something in you that reflects that same lack of belief.

If your recruit or client is complaining they don’t have the time or money to start a business or continue with your program; there’s something in you that reflects that limiting belief.

You are attracting the “type” of people that are a reflection of you, your beliefs, and the consciousness you’re resonating at right now.

But here’s the good news…

You can transform the results you’re getting by transforming you. In fact that’s the only way to change your results.

And the first step in this transformation is letting go and giving up.

Yep! Your transformation occurs when you create a space for it. So, what do you need to give up to be “Global Leadership”? What do you need to let go of to begin attracting the people, ideas and opportunities that you really want?

Maybe you need to let go of fitting in. Let go of your habit of being small… small efforts, small thinking, small beliefs. Realize your habit of being small is connected to your need to fit in!

If you’re like me, maybe it’s your righteousness. Maybe you need to let go of doing it your way, being right and that arrogance you have about yourself…

When I chose to transform this within me (first by just being aware of it) I began to radically shift my results. And I mean radically! I am attracting men, clients, friends, ideas and opportunities that amaze me!

And it will be the same for you…

The other piece I want you to get here is that recreating yourself is “WHO YOU REALLY ARE”!

It’s a natural and innate part of you (the real you!)
You, being made in the image of God, are a creator. It is your natural state to create. So, recreating yourself is not difficult; it is what you were designed to do.

You can recreate any part of yourself to the extent that your new creation would be unrecognizable as being you.

Are you really up for that?

I want you to get that you don’t have to work hard at your transformation. What there is to give up will come forth for you easily when you simply begin to take on “Who I am is Global Leadership.”

Does that make sense?

It’s explained in Quantum Physics and in the Laws of our Universe. When who you are is “Global Leadership” the natural ways of being that are expressed in “Global Leadership” will start to show up for you… effortlessly! Ideas and thoughts will begin to fill your mind that correlate with “Global Leadership”. People and opportunities start to show up that express “Global Leadership”.

That’s power! And that is what is inside of you right now.

If you want to be a part of a phenomenal group of entrepreneurs who are up to transforming themselves, their businesses and the planet, I invite you to join our “Florence Mastermind Retreat and Coaching Program.”

The members who have registered for this TEAM are amazing and will inspire you to be the same…

We have a nutritionist from the United States who is committed to eradicating obesity by 2012 through her work.

We have 3 top Network Marketing companies represented who are all committed to offering the entrepreneur a business model for financial freedom and contribution on a global level (one of them just returned from the Philippine’s where they had over 2,600 people show up for their opportunity meeting!)

We have a power-house of a woman from France who is committed to transforming Namibia (where she escaped apartheid 20 years ago) by bringing education and opportunity to every man, woman and child.

And… we just may have YOU!

Please consider joining this TEAM. Even if it scares you to commit to this level of coaching, let yourself reach out and take this opportunity for your transformation and the transformation of your business, life and contribution.

Our first coaching call is on Thursday, August 27th at 4:00pm ET and the Florence Mastermind Retreat is set for June 20th – 26th, 2010. Check out all the info at and come play big with us!

Feel free to call me with your questions at (954) 829-5693.

To your success,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Tweeter This…

Here’s the fabulous article my coach and friend wrote on Tweeter…

So last December I loaded up the car with books, CDs and ebooks, and went down to spend a week in Key West. My mission: to discover the truth about Web 2.0 and the exploding social media sites. In particular, I wanted to know whether they could be used for effective business building. And if so, which ones of the thousands out there would be the best ones to concentrate your time on.

Since then, I’ve fast become a born-again believer in their potential for business. While some of them are more geared to mostly social uses, most have broader applications and can be very useful for business and promotion.
If you read “Tribes,” (and if not, what the Hell is the matter with you?), you’ll discover these sites are a perfect way to keep in touch with your fellow tribe members. I think the two biggest breakouts in the space in 2009, and the ones I have mad love for, will be Twitter and Ustream. I believe they will explode this year similar to the way Facebook did last year, and My Space and YouTube before that.
Twitter is blowing up right now, so let’s look at it first, and we’ll explore the others in future posts. Twitter is in essence a micro-blog, since your messages are limited to 140 characters. And instead of dropping by your website or getting a RSS feed, people choose to “follow” you. So when you log on to Twitter, you get a “stream” of all the postings (called “Tweets”) from the people you follow.
While many see and use Twitter as purely another social medium, I’ve found that a broad and growing range of users there seem to view it more as a business network. And as a result, they’re much more open to business messages and even marketing appeals, provided you’re bringing real value to the relationship.
In the few months I’ve been Twittering, I’m shocked with how enjoyable it can be, how helpful it is as a business resource, and how readily you can monetize it. It is this last application – actually making money from your postings there – that most seem to struggle with. (And some find sacrilegious of course, believing as they do, that Al Gore invented the Internet to provide them with free stuff.) But since no one would actually hire me for a job, I find the idea of making money a good thing, and found Twitter wildly profitable.
Now I should note that I approach my Twittering the same way I do this Blog, my email newsletters and websites…
I believe in providing value, giving people a reason to view my stuff, and then offer options (coaching programs, seminars, books and other learning resources) where they can spend money if they like my work and want deeper assistance. So I don’t really make any sales from posting on Twitter directly, but I rake in a lot of dosh because I Twitter.
That’s because I don’t post links to sales letter sites, or do hard pitches, as that’s not really appropriate in the medium, and it’s not effective anyway. I do often link to my Blogs or newsletters that address topics of interest to my Twitter followers, and they often virally spread the message to others. My list grows and a lot of those people flash their cash for my other resources.
There are still a few nitwits that feel God put me on this earth expressly to work full-time providing them free advice, coaching and consulting, but far less than you may think. The vast majority of people, particularly on Twitter, understand that prosperity is a value for value exchange, and understand that while I may be a good guy – Mother Theresa is dead, and I still need to feed my cat.
I believe the effective social media strategies are a move away from interruption marketing and assaulting your market – and a positive move toward simply interacting and being in touch with your market. If you show them you’re passionate about your work and truly interested in providing value to them, you’ll soon find yourself helping to lead a fiercely loyal tribe.
With this post I’d like to share how you can use Twitter to actually grow your business and avoid the “deadly sins” that alienate people and actually hurt your business and your brand.
So, having said all that, I humbly submit this manifesto, a/k/a the 7 deadly sins of Twitter, a/k/a me ranting again, a/k/a:
The 7 Twitter Critters you don’t want to be…
1) The TMI Guy
Information is valuable and we all got on Twitter to get more of it. But there is such a thing as too much information. The TMI guy (or gal) suffers from the delusion that their life is interesting, and Tweets a steady stream of inane blather from rising until they mercifully log off and go to bed. The typical stream from someone in this category looks like this:
@VacuousTwit going to the mall, 2 minutes ago
@VacuousTwit I so need a manicure, 4 minutes ago
@VacuousTwit my cat just spit up a hairball yuck! 7 minutes ago
@VacuousTwit anyone see Buffy last night? 10 minutes ago
@VacuousTwit pink t-shirt or blue one, decisions! 12 minutes ago
@VacuousTwit No tweets from Melissa, bummer, 14 minutes ago
@VacuousTwit Coco Puffs, yum!, 16 minutes ago
@VacuousTwit BRB, gotta poop, 19 minutes ago
@VacuousTwit just got up, brushing my teeth, 20 minutes ago
The TMI Twitterer believes we’re all fascinated to learn that the mail arrived, what they had for lunch, or that they need to buy maxi pads. We’re not. In fact, we really don’t give a shit.
Not even your mother wants to hear a minute-by-minute broadcast of your day. Your life is just not that interesting. This is the online equivalent of the Valley Girl.
Please note if you are @lancearmstrong, @THE_REAL_SHAQ, or @MCHammer, you get an exemption. Because we’re fanatically obsessed with celebrity, we want to know all the minutia about every thing that ever happens to and around you, including when you cut your toenails. Sorry @PerryBelcher, you haven’t reached this status yet. But we love ya anyway.
If you’re in doubt as to how well the scintillating play-by-play accounts of your bunion surgery, parking tickets, and bowel movements are playing in Peoria, surf over to TwitterGrader and see how you score. If your score isn’t as high as you like, you may want to trade in your bunions for spinal meningitis.
You can also stop by TwitterSheep and they will run a cloud of the most used terms in your followers’ bios, and that can give you an idea what they’re most interested to hear about.
BTW, don’t think that just because you have a lot of followers, they’re hanging on to every scintillating word you say. Many power users use applications like SocialToo to auto-follow everyone that follows them, but then also use TweetDeck to screen out the trailer trash. So just because someone is following you doesn’t mean they’re actually reading your crap.
Probably the best gauge of this is how many times you get “ReTweeted,” which simply means someone actually read what you wrote, liked it, and resent it to their own followers. Stop by Retweetist and see how often the Twitterverse is shopping your stuff around.
By the way, this doesn’t mean it has to be all clinical and business. We really do want to know the great book you’re reading, if you’re a diehard Battlestar Gallactica fan, or your mother passed away. We want to know who you are and what makes you tick. Just not everything.
2) The Plagiarizer Twit
This person follows everybody, looking for good content that they plagiarize by re-sending it out as if it’s their own. It’s not a copyright issue, just bad form and a quick way to piss off people. The proper form is to ReTweet the stuff you like, and it’s very simple to do.
Just type in RT, put a space, their name with the @ in front of it, another space, then cut and paste their message. So it looks like:
RT @Randy_Gage: Building credibility online & blogging:
Make sure there is a space after RT and after their name, before the message starts. And don’t forget the ‘@’ in front of their name, because that makes it a link to their page.
Once you start ReTweeting others, they often notice and return the favor. This gets your message and page in front of hundreds or even thousands of other readers, some who may decide to follow you. And ReTweeting good stuff also shows your own followers that you’re interested in providing value, not just hawking your miracle thigh cream. It also means you’re a good person and will receive your just reward in the afterlife.
3) The Reply Guy
The symptom of this malady is the inability to send a private direct message (DM) to anyone. Instead, these people post every reply in their tweet stream. It comes from childhood, when mommy dearest locked them in the closet with nothing but DMs. So your stream is cluttered with dozens of messages from them like:
@ReplyGuy @Nancy no, I don’t think so
@ReplyGuy @BoringDude yes, after the game
@ReplyGuy @Nancy ok
@ReplyGuy @Lou_Stoolz I think so
@ReplyGuy @Nancy bye
@ReplyGuy @DenverDanny only if he can do it for less than $20
@ReplyGuy @Hugh_Jazz OMG!
@ReplyGuy @A1Escort is she discrete?
Twitter is not a chat room. They have places for that. They’re called “chat rooms.” If you’re going to post all replies in the stream, please answer with some context so readers can decide if they want to click through to the other person’s page to follow the plot.
4) The Multi-Level Morons
These idiots seem to be rapidly migrating from Facebook over to Twitter faster than @guykawasaki can toss out plugs for Alltop. They set up an account and think sending their pitch out every three hours is going to build a group. They’re like a combination Jehovah Witness/Amway distributor on crack. When you land on their page, it looks like this:
@MLMoron Amazing jungle juice from berries grown on secret mountain makes limbs grow back, 3 hours ago
@MLMoron Amazing jungle juice from berries grown on secret mountain makes limbs grow back, 5 hours ago
@MLMoron Amazing jungle juice from berries grown on secret mountain makes limbs grow back, 7 hours ago
@MLMoron Amazing jungle juice from berries grown on secret mountain makes limbs grow back, 9 hours ago
@MLMoron Amazing jungle juice from berries grown on secret mountain makes limbs grow back, 11 hours ago
If you’re doing this, I promise you that the only people reading your tweets are already in your group, and they’re drinking the jungle juice already.
5) The Novelist
Listen kids, this is not rocket science. There are only 140 characters for your tweets. When you’re typing a tweet, the nice folks from Twitterland have even given you a counter. When it says -7, that means you went over and the last half of the link you’re sending out will be cut off. That makes you look dumb, and even worse, irritates me. Use Is.Gd or another service that shortens URLs and watch the character counter.
Your brilliant branding strategy to use the handle @World’s_Mostest_Greatest_Copywriter_Ever may not be as clever as you originally thought. It’s going to limit what you can say, and will eliminate the likelihood that anyone can ReTweet you.
Likewise if you didn’t have enough sense to be born into a family with a short surname, be creative. There’s a reason Gary Vaynerchuk is @GaryVee. (Of course he’s a JETS fan, so don’t give him too much credit.) So instead of 140, limit yourself to 120. It’s the new black.
6) The Anonymous Stranger
I can’t count how many times I get a follow and click through to their page to see if I should be following back and get nothing. No picture, no bio, not even the city they live in. Now if you just have the account to be in touch with a few friends and look for interesting stuff that’s fine. But if you are hoping to use social media to build your brand, expand your reach, or God forbid, actually make money, give us something to go on.
Put a pic on your page for God’s sake! If we go to your page and there’s only the Twitter graphic and no pic, it’s like a billboard that says, “Hi I’m Amish and I’m checking out this computer fad to see if it’s gonna last.” Even 97-year-old mammies are emailing pix of their great-grandkids. If you don’t know how to load a photo yet, ask someone.
Make it a real photo of you, not your dog, cat, or llama. Please make it a current one also, and save your high school yearbook pic for the dating sites. We want to know who we’re conversing with. Likewise with caricatures or icons. Use them only if they really are an essential part of your branding.
List where you live. There are people that look to network with others in their town and some places are actually holding Tweet Ups where Twitterers in an area meet. And TwitterGrader lists the “royalty” in each town, and if you show up on that list you’ll attract more followers.
This is not Linkedin, or Plaxo. Keep with the friendly attitude of the site. Occupations like “Father of twins, Krispy Kreme addict, software developer and surfer” are okay here. “Engineer” is just boring and we’re afraid you might be Wally from Dilbert’s office.
Do give us an idea of what you do, and why we might want to network with you. That doesn’t mean bludgeon us with a sales pitch. Just let us know how you might bring some value to us.
Your bio and your tweets should reflect who you are. Ideally they will anchor your brand in topic and tone. People should be able to take a look at your bio and the first page of your tweets and know what to expect if they follow you.
If you look at my page, you’ll see it mirrors what I do and who I really am. My posts are about success and prosperity, with a large dose of marketing. Just like me, they’re informative, sometimes snarky, direct, controversial, contain an occasional F-bomb, but always brilliant. And humble.
P.S. And what’s with all the “protected updates”? If you’re in the witness protection program, you probably shouldn’t be on Twitter.
7) The Needy Beggars
Listen if you get your self-esteem from how many Facebook friends or Twitter followers you have, you have some unresolved childhood issues and need to call Dr. Phil.
We don’t want to get your tweets begging for more followers because when you get 200 you can go to bed, or crying because you woke up to discover there are two less people following you. And if you have to award prizes or give bribes to get people to follow you, what’s the point?
The people that respond to these pleas are the same ones that opt in to receive Spam emails. They’re looking for someone to talk to in the commercial break between Judge Judy and the Jerry Springer show. The whole idea is to create a group of people with commonalities and shared interests, so you can network and mastermind for mutual benefit, not accumulate a following of mindless boobs.
The same rules that govern direct mail lists, and email databases are in effect here. I guarantee you I make a lot more money from hundreds of followers on Twitter than a lot of the people with tens of thousands. The secret in any direct marketing list is having the right people on it. So don’t worry about quantity, do things that attract people that have an interest in what you do.
And no kids, mccaffrey didn’t have an interesting idea on how you can attract 19,530 followers in 30 days. He had an irritating idea to try a chain letter on Twitter. And the last time that worked was never.
Somebody let me catch my breath…
So all told, Twitter is a great medium to connect, network and grow your business. If you’re not on Twitter yet, jump in today. It takes about two minutes to set up your account and you’re good to go. Go to:
And if you’re not following me on Twitter, what are you a Godless communist or something? Do it now. I need the money.
Peace out.
Randy Gage

Isn’t that great? Now, get yourself a Twitter account and follow me at

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

Prosperity in Economic Confusion

Prosperity in Economic Confusion
While the coffee shop conversations lack any encouragement and our news reports are focused on doom…

Miracles are still occurring. Prosperity still manifests. And abundance remains a reality.

You may be saying, “Ya right… prosperity? When I just lost my job.” Or, “Abundance? My investment portfolio is nearly gone!”

Prosperity, abundance and the miraculous may seem illogical to you right now. But consider abundance doesn’t need your logic to occur. It just is. Prosperity exists. Miracles happen. Abundance is… often in spite of logic.

Did you know that NASA, with all of its super computers and billion dollar budget cannot duplicate the flight pattern of a dragon fly or a bumble bee? Aerodynamically, neither the dragon fly nor the bumble bee should be able to fly. Yet, even today, I have seen dozens of them fly around my back yard.

The dragon fly and the bumble bee deny logic.

I was looking through my gratitude journal the other day and was shocked to notice that most of the really great things that have happened in my life had very little to do with my control. The really BIG, outrageous dreams that came true seemed to happen beyond my efforts.

In the book, “The Ideas of the Great Philosophers,” author William Sahakian explains the many views and thoughts on logic and truth. It’s interesting to realize that all of the great philosophers agree that scientific truths are often beyond the scope of the human mind and our five senses.

X-rays, light waves, chemical reactions, and a host of other natural phenomena cannot be sensed, though they are understood and demonstrably real.

Think about your five senses and how limiting they can be. A straight stick placed in water appears bent to our sense of vision. We know a mirage is not real, but it looks that way to our eyes. Sounds with a wave frequency above 20,000 cycles per second are not detected by our auditory sense, yet they are detected indirectly. Six pencil points touching a person’s back are sensed as only one point.

There are countless human experiences that can not be seen or measured on a scale or even comprehended by the human mind, yet they are undeniably real. Our logical mind is limited!

So, I encourage you to let go of what logic is telling you right now about business and the economy and be open to a new possibility for you and the growth of your company.

Logic is limited…

And so are the conversations occurring around the globe.
Don’t let them cause you to miss out on the Universal Law of Abundance and prosperity. There is abundance in all of this. I’ve had several coaching clients lose their job only to have a new one open up that paid more and was more fulfilling.

One of my neighbor’s lost most of his retirement this past year only to discover going back to work gave him a spark for life that he didn’t even realize he was missing.

Today, my company has to evaluate all expenditures and create a best practice for spending; which has led us to become sharper in discerning what works and what doesn’t. We hired a call center to do some cold calling (first time in 14 years!) and we have seen incredible results. We are literally attracting more clients this quarter on a smaller marketing budget. How? We are smarter. Sharper. Savvier. And we chose to let go of the limiting conversations and be present to abundance and prosperity.

One of the questions I posed to my Quantum Leap Coaching Clients lately was:

What does the butterfly have to do to be a butterfly?

This question was asked around the globe as my international clients would pose the question to their clients and colleagues…

What do you think the butterfly has to do to BE a butterfly?

The butterfly has to LET GO of being a caterpillar.

And so it is with you. If you want to grow your business;
LET GO of past failures, yesterday’s mistakes.

If you want to grow in your financial state;
LET GO of scarcity thinking and the limiting conversations.

If you want to experience real love;
LET GO of expectation and baggage from the past.

The key to tapping into prosperity and ushering in revival is to LET GO of limiting thoughts and conversation of present day economic challenge. Stop talking about it. Stop thinking about it and powerfully choose to change.

Shift the way you’re thinking and you’ll become aware of a new marketing idea. Alter your conversation and you’ll get present to a new prospect. Change business as usual and you’ll awaken an idea that could bring you millions. And, for God sake, get around people who speak prosperity, believe in miracles and think abundance.

When you are open to discovering the possibility in these economic times, the world begins responding to you in profound and exciting ways! Great and unexplainable things begin happening…

Make it a great day,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.
Princess of Prosperity!

Good Morning!

Since my last post I have gotten even more present to the power of Intention. Every day I have created an intention for that day and every day it was manifested ~ in every relationship and in every aspect of my life!

Saturday I created the intention of self-expression. Later that day, I had a date with this guy I’ve been seeing. He shared with me everything he wanted in a woman and asked me to share my list. Powerful!

Yesterday I created the intention of adorable love. I had so many phone calls and emails from people in my life who just wanted me to know how much they loved me. And I even got a surprise gift from that guy I’m dating… Powerful!

So what intention have created for today? I challenge you to try this out. Create an intention of what you want today to be about. For example, “I create the intention of fun and friendship for today.” And just watch how your thoughts, feelings and actions ALL begin to reflect fun and friendship.

I want to hear from you. Post what intention you created for yourself and what you noticed and the results you had.

Have fun!


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

The Power of Intention

I love to travel! So, this Thanksgiving, knowing that my former husband has our children at his home, I decided to buy an airline ticket to Europe and spend Thanksgiving in Paris and Stockholm.

Within 3 days of purchasing that ticket I received an email form a client who wants me to do a program for her Herbalife group. Can you guess where this client lives?

Stockholm, Sweden!

Then, 10 days after buying the ticket, I receive a phone call from a couple who are looking to hire a business coach and wanted to know if I take on International clients! Guess where this couple is from…

Stockholm, Sweden!

A month after I bought the ticket we get an order for my “Radical Recruiting” Program and a request to transcribe and produce the album in their native tounge…. What language do you think that was?


And last week I receive an email asking if I was available to speak in Miami ( 20 miles from my home) for a company coming in from… you guessed it Sweden!

Ha! How does this happen?

This happens when you create an intention and ACT on it. When you decide and take action on that intention.

What about you?

When was the last time you created an intention and took action…
You bought the ticket. You made the reservation. You got registered. You said, “I love you.” You asked for forgiveness. You took action on your intention and watched miracles occur.

This week’s Blog is about “Creating Intention” What do you want? What do you want to create this week? Feel free to use my “Prosperity Princess” Blog to state your intention and let’s watch miracles begin to open up and be present for you!

I look forward to reading and responding to your intentions!

Be prosperous,

Princess Lisa

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.