Do You Set a Goal For Failures?

Hello Friends!

When you set your goals for 2016 did you include any goal for your failures?

I know it sounds crazy and while you’d probably not set a goal to fail, the thought brings up an intriguing question…

Do you have a fear of failure so you only set goals that you know you can achieve? Fear of failure is normal. I mean, come on, we were all raised with the belief that the opposite of success is failure. But, that’s not true! The opposite of success is not failure; it’s not trying or worse, giving up. That’s failure.

When asked about failure at Google, Peter Norvig, research director said, “Failure is inevitable. We just try to fail faster.”

That’s such a great perspective! If you set a goal to fail more often and faster, there’s a good chance that the impact of a potential failure won’t be that great and you will have built up a strong resilience muscle.

When you ask successful people about failure, they will tell you that they see failure as feedback to change course of direction.

Here’s what you do next time you experience failure: First, make a note about what you learned from the failure, get excited about what you just learned and move forward quickly.  Second, see yourself as an awesome risk taker and an unstoppable force! You just proved it by experiencing failure and moving forward fast.

The context to come from is: My life is supposed to have failures!

Giving myself permission to fail unlocked self-induced shackles and rocketed my next level of living.  Last year I rented out my Florida home and traveled all over Europe and America to write my book, Slay the Dragon and to work with my Life Matters Teams.  This year I sold that Florida home and moved 3000 miles west to the California coast.  I experiened faliures and disappointment with these two goals. But with my new perspective of failure, it didn’t matter how many challenges I experienced or if I failed with either of those goals…

LIFE WAS CALLING and I chose to answer!

What about you?

Are you willing to stretch what’s possible ~ even logical ~ for you this year? That stretch into the illogical is where I invite you to go! Look at your new year’s goals and add a few more that are improbable, illogical and will most likely fail. You just never know what seems improbably or illogical to you today (with your current mindset) is just what the future you knows is reality and logical for you tomorrow.

The ONLY way to usher in a new level of results is to usher in a new level of thinking. Take the cap off your thinking. Give yourself permission to get comfortable with failure and success will get comfortable with you.

Richest blessings,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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Lisa Jimenez helps people break through fear and self-limiting beliefs to get into ACTION and achieve their goals. As an author, international speaker and business coach, Lisa teaches people how to retrain the brain and create the mindset they need to build a successful business and life.

Her best-selling books, Conquer Fear and Don’t Mess With the Princess are published in seven languages and her latest book, Slay the Dragon debuted in September. As a business coach, Lisa is best known for her Rich Life Mastermind Retreats where she takes her clients to exotic cities around the world for a total immersion experience. For information on her next Rich Life Mastermind Retreat in Geneva, Switzerland email

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Packing for the 6 Month Wheels Up Tour!

Packing for the 6 Month Wheels Up Tour!

How do I get all those clothes into ONE suitcase?

Prosperity in Economic Confusion

Prosperity in Economic Confusion
While the coffee shop conversations lack any encouragement and our news reports are focused on doom…

Miracles are still occurring. Prosperity still manifests. And abundance remains a reality.

You may be saying, “Ya right… prosperity? When I just lost my job.” Or, “Abundance? My investment portfolio is nearly gone!”

Prosperity, abundance and the miraculous may seem illogical to you right now. But consider abundance doesn’t need your logic to occur. It just is. Prosperity exists. Miracles happen. Abundance is… often in spite of logic.

Did you know that NASA, with all of its super computers and billion dollar budget cannot duplicate the flight pattern of a dragon fly or a bumble bee? Aerodynamically, neither the dragon fly nor the bumble bee should be able to fly. Yet, even today, I have seen dozens of them fly around my back yard.

The dragon fly and the bumble bee deny logic.

I was looking through my gratitude journal the other day and was shocked to notice that most of the really great things that have happened in my life had very little to do with my control. The really BIG, outrageous dreams that came true seemed to happen beyond my efforts.

In the book, “The Ideas of the Great Philosophers,” author William Sahakian explains the many views and thoughts on logic and truth. It’s interesting to realize that all of the great philosophers agree that scientific truths are often beyond the scope of the human mind and our five senses.

X-rays, light waves, chemical reactions, and a host of other natural phenomena cannot be sensed, though they are understood and demonstrably real.

Think about your five senses and how limiting they can be. A straight stick placed in water appears bent to our sense of vision. We know a mirage is not real, but it looks that way to our eyes. Sounds with a wave frequency above 20,000 cycles per second are not detected by our auditory sense, yet they are detected indirectly. Six pencil points touching a person’s back are sensed as only one point.

There are countless human experiences that can not be seen or measured on a scale or even comprehended by the human mind, yet they are undeniably real. Our logical mind is limited!

So, I encourage you to let go of what logic is telling you right now about business and the economy and be open to a new possibility for you and the growth of your company.

Logic is limited…

And so are the conversations occurring around the globe.
Don’t let them cause you to miss out on the Universal Law of Abundance and prosperity. There is abundance in all of this. I’ve had several coaching clients lose their job only to have a new one open up that paid more and was more fulfilling.

One of my neighbor’s lost most of his retirement this past year only to discover going back to work gave him a spark for life that he didn’t even realize he was missing.

Today, my company has to evaluate all expenditures and create a best practice for spending; which has led us to become sharper in discerning what works and what doesn’t. We hired a call center to do some cold calling (first time in 14 years!) and we have seen incredible results. We are literally attracting more clients this quarter on a smaller marketing budget. How? We are smarter. Sharper. Savvier. And we chose to let go of the limiting conversations and be present to abundance and prosperity.

One of the questions I posed to my Quantum Leap Coaching Clients lately was:

What does the butterfly have to do to be a butterfly?

This question was asked around the globe as my international clients would pose the question to their clients and colleagues…

What do you think the butterfly has to do to BE a butterfly?

The butterfly has to LET GO of being a caterpillar.

And so it is with you. If you want to grow your business;
LET GO of past failures, yesterday’s mistakes.

If you want to grow in your financial state;
LET GO of scarcity thinking and the limiting conversations.

If you want to experience real love;
LET GO of expectation and baggage from the past.

The key to tapping into prosperity and ushering in revival is to LET GO of limiting thoughts and conversation of present day economic challenge. Stop talking about it. Stop thinking about it and powerfully choose to change.

Shift the way you’re thinking and you’ll become aware of a new marketing idea. Alter your conversation and you’ll get present to a new prospect. Change business as usual and you’ll awaken an idea that could bring you millions. And, for God sake, get around people who speak prosperity, believe in miracles and think abundance.

When you are open to discovering the possibility in these economic times, the world begins responding to you in profound and exciting ways! Great and unexplainable things begin happening…

Make it a great day,


Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.
Princess of Prosperity!